Home Repurchase Program
Catalyst Real Estate Professionals has created a program to specifically address the needs of thousands of individuals who have been affected by the mortgage crisis.  

The Home Repurchase Program®    
is designed to help currently distressed and former property owners get back on t
rack by giving them the tools they need to purchase a home after Short Sale, Foreclosure, Deed in Lieu, and Bankruptcy.

Our comprehensive 4-step program will get you back in a home within 12 to 36 months (sometimes sooner) with Stellar Credit results  

Here's how it works

1. If you are still in the home, you must work with a Specialized Realtor to help you with the Short Sale of your home.  They are trained to get you the highest bank incentive available for relocation assistance

 2. The Realtor will put you in contact with trusted Property Management Companies to help with your relocation needs.

3. You will work with our in-house credit programs to increase your credit score & budgeting

4. You will work with our in-house lending division to provide you a home loan with some of the best rates in the industry

*The program also works if you have already foreclosed or Short Sold your home*

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